Wisdom & Power

“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; But wisdom brings success.”
Ecclesiastes 10:10, NKJV 

God does not require every situation to be solved using just power or might. Power is awesome but you have to be directed with wisdom in order to achieve success. God Himself does not only move in power but also in wisdom. 

This can be seen in the Book of Job;

 God is wise in heart and mighty in strength. Who has hardened himself against Him and prospered?

Job 9:4

From our opening scripture, a lumberjack in this case when he failed to use wisdom to sharpen the axe, he wasted a lot of energy which could have been used for a much better cause. Wisdom is, most of the time, more relevant than power especially in the terms of priority. This is shown in Ecclesiastes 9:16;

Then I said: “Wisdom is better than strength…..”. 

This is because it takes wisdom to determine the direction and the measure of power needed to solve a problem and when this is best used, sometimes little or no power will be required. 

In the Book of 1 Samuel, when Samuel was instructed by God to anoint David as King; Samuel was afraid that Saul, who was the King at that era, would kill him if Saul found out. God, in this case, decided to use wisdom to solve the problem: 

“And the Lord said to Samuel, How long will you go on sorrowing for Saul, seeing that I have put him from his place as king over Israel? Take oil in your vessel and go; I will send you to Jesse, the Bethlehemite: for I have got a king for myself among his sons. 

And Samuel said, how is it possible for me to go? If Saul gets news of it he will put me to death. And the Lord said, Take a young cow with you and say, I have come to make an offering to the Lord. And send for Jesse to be present at the offering, and I will make clear to you what you are to do: and you are to put the holy oil on him whose name I give you.” 

1 Samuel 16:1-3, BBE

God instructed Samuel to inform Saul that he was in the city to offer sacrifice and not to disclose the real reason for his visit. The Lord did not instruct Samuel, “Go and anoint him anyway. If Saul finds out and come against you, I will destroy Him and all who stand with Him”. Though God could have easily enacted that, it would have been disastrous especially all those in Israel of whom Saul is king over and they may not even have accepted David as their king. 

God used wisdom instead of power to solve this particular problem and it worked perfectly making David one of Israel’s most beloved and cherished King.

Concerning how many problems have you been travailing in countless prayers over expecting the power of God to show up and solve? Probably if you had listened well enough, the Lord might have already given you a few nuggets of wisdom in a plan to solve them but you may have missed all of that due to ignorance and wasted much power that these prayers made available. 

Could it be that when you prayed for an uplifting in the realm of your finances, He gave you some nuggets of wisdom by avenue of a business plan or idea and you totally missed it waiting for an instantaneous miracle money or job offer? 

Prayer is very important in the release of power but prayer alone is not the actual solution to every problem. 


In some instances, power has to go alongside or be preceded by wisdom. We can glean from one of our earlier stated verses, Job 9:4 that wisdom came in first place followed by strength: “God is wise in heart and mighty in strength…” 

The Hebrew Word for strength is kôach which also means power. Wisdom in some cases is referred to as the equivalent of strength; “A wise man is strong…” (Proverbs 24:5). 

Beloved in Christ, there are problems that can be solved by power and some by wisdom but in most cases you need the divine application of both in order to succeed. You therefore need grace to be able to discern when and how to apply each in order to excel significantly. Just like your God and Father,  you are wise in heart and mighty in strength. 



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