Key to Greatness 02: Competitive Advantage of the Holy Spirit

In business related courses, you get to learn about having a competitive advantage over the others. 

There are always direct and indirect competitors to your business that are already in play or will soon rise up once yours begin to flourish. 

An example of a direct competitor to an airline company is another airline company. 

Examples of indirect competitors to these airline companies can be the subway train system, cars and Skype. “Why should something like Skype be a competitor to a company like Virgin Airlines? They sound so unrelated.” One may comment. 

But what’s the use of traveling to another state and country for a business meeting if I can simply sit at home, put on my suit (and leave out my pants), sit behind the laptop screen such that only my torso can be seen, and have a splendid meeting? 

Competitive advantages are the quirks, skills, personalities etc. that makes you or your company uniquely stand out from all the others. It could be the unique way you design your clothing, posters, billboards etc., the awesome secret  ingredients in your recipe. It could even be your IQ, the irresistible and infectious smile that lights up anyone you meet, or simply the way you think. There’s usually something about you or your business that has in imprint on the minds of your customers or employers. 

For citizens of the kingdom of Heaven on earth, we have one cardinal competitive advantage that puts the rest to flight. This advantage is the blessing of the Creator through His Holy Spirit indwelling you. 

For one thing, the indwelling Spirit of God makes our citizenship sure. He connects us to our Government in Heaven to receive divine instructions on how to effectively influence the earth. By His Spirit, God influences the earth through you and I. 

How is the Holy Spirit a competitive advantage ?

Let me give a few. 

He feeds us with information from the mind of the Creator.

He being a part of the Creator in you and I, knows the deep thoughts in our Creator’s mind and can relay them to us. He helps you out by reminding you of things you may have forgotten or things you never knew. As a student, that can be quite handy. He also gives out creative ideas that can grow up into multi-million and billion dollar companies.

He advices us against bad deals. 

He knows all things – past, present and future. He knows the hearts, thoughts and intents of mankind. He can spot a fraudster, a wrong business deal or contract, an unsuitable marriage partner, a bad friend, lies, evil plans against you and a whole lot. I don’t know about you, but it’s beyond awesome to have an all-knowing superior being on your side. 

He helps us with our own faults and weaknesses. 

We all have amazing traits. However, those traits come with faults too. Probably it’s that anger you find it hard to control, or that thing you have for tall guys or Busty ladies that you can’t manage to keep in check. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re always being played because you just couldn’t discern or foresee the effects of the deals presented to you or the actions they enticed you to perform. As a citizen and a child of God, the Holy Spirit in you is your helper. He is with you all the way to keep you in check if you allow him. 

He is simply all powerful.

It doesn’t matter whether you are not the most handsome, the smartest, strongest, bravest, wealthiest, most well-educated amongst your peers. Just a touch of the Holy Spirit on what you do have can make you ascend in heights that beats logic. Samson (in the Bible) didn’t look buff, if he was, the Philistines would not have sought the source of his strength. It would have been quite obvious. However, when the Spirit of the Lord came upon him, He became a Supra human. The same goes for the young lad called David who defeated a giant with one little stone. There’s also this young warrior called Joshua who stopped time. Then Jesus who multiplied five loaves of barley bread and two fish on a subatomic level to feed over five thousand people. Just a touch from the Holy Spirit on the resources you have within or around you can immediately set you apart from your competition. 
The best way to enjoy this privilege given you and I is to learn to be sensitive to Him. Ask of His opinion first in all things before stepping out and be on the lookout for signs that He may give you to warn or encourage you. Learn to discern his voice within and obey promptly and you’ll be fine. 

Let me leave you with one or two tips on the how:

  • Study the Word of God. There’s great wisdom in there  – principles that can be applied to solve every problem that you may encounter. 
  • Be sensitive to your reactions when encountering people or deals. When an alarm blows off within you trying to restrict you, learn to acknowledge them and seek out why you may feel that way. 
  • Thoughts and imaginations are channels through which He communicates to us. Pay attention to your dreams and thoughts that may suddenly drop into your mind which are not in line with anything sinful or wicked. Sometimes this idea drops again and again, reminding you. 

I hope that helped. In time, there will be a few posts that will delve deeper on the how-factor of hearing from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in you is the greatest blessing you can ever have. Acknowledge that and take advantage of this glorious privilege. 


Uche Okorie 


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