Apologetic Answers to Atheism 101: Introduction 


                   Uche Okorie 

The “religion” of Atheism has been a fast growing one. 

What is Atheism?

Theism is a term for the belief in “Theos” which means “Placer” or “God” as we are all used to. It speaks of the belief in the Supernatural or the Divine. 

In Greek, when “a” is placed before a word, it negates it. Therefore “Atheism” means “No Theos or Theism” – No belief in the Supernatural or the divine. 

Why religion?
Religion is basically the act of believing and pleasing something higher than you. This is mainly used for deities but it’s way bigger than that. So let’s leave it at something higher than you. This could also mean a passion, an ideology etc. 
Through creationists have time and time again debunked several claims to evolution and the like. Many atheists still choose to remain so. It’s a matter of belief.
Today, I want begin a brief series on ways Christians can defend their faith and hold up their ground against the atheistic claims from all that I have learnt from the great apologists and creationists of our time. For all who don’t know who creationists are: 

They are basically people who believe and have given their lives to prove using science, that the physical universe and living beings were created by an intelligent supernatural being(s).

The theory of evolution has spread all over and is being taught in so many universities across the globe whereas creationism has been regarded as fictitious and placed in a folder called “religion.” Many students in these top-class universities have since then had this notion that Christians are dumb – That they choose to believe in fiction instead of waking up to science.
Apologetics is very broad subject and hence, in this series I’m not going to touch on every sector. However, what we will touch on will be very relevant.
We will use the approach of philosophy and reasoning to make complete sense of our claim to the Christian faith and prove to all that as dumb as we appear to look:

 – Reasoning is on our side.

 – Science is on our side. 

 – Morality is also on our side.
Which is contrary to what many atheists believe and hence use against us. 
Our next session will tackle on a practice many use to make their claim sound strong – the use of Trash Talk, how you can recognize them and what to do when you encounter them. It’s gonna be exciting!!

So stay tuned and remember that we should always share our truth with love. Let Love Lead. 



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