Apologetic Answers to Atheism 102: What is Trash Talk?


                         Uche Okorie 

I want to touch on a few things before getting to our main topic – Trash Talk
In many arguments concerning the beliefs of Christianity and Atheism, these are some of the styles many (on both sides) use that should not be encouraged:
1. Overbearing emotions

Many use strong emotions when talking about/to the other party during arguments or debates. This shouldn’t be encouraged. Your emotion displaying passion doesn’t mean you made your point clear and reasonable. 

Emotions almost usually gets in the way of reason. Some people will be straight out offended when you use it; others will rally behind you. But both, after the event, will not remember the point made accurately. Try to speak calmly and let the people think. 
2. Reason vrs. Belief (religion)

Many atheists have in some way placed reason and belief at opposite ends. They feel they are the reasonable ones and religious folks are irrational because their beliefs are fictitious. “Well, that is religion, I’m trying to reason with you well.”  It’s not true.

What is the opposite of reason? Irrationality
What is the opposite of belief?Unbelief 
These two are not even in the same category. This means we can have

• Reasonable Belief 

• Irrational Belief

• Reasonable Unbelief

• Irrational Unbelief. 

Some beliefs can be reasonable (Christianity) and some unbeliefs can be irrational (evolution theory).
Let me head back quickly to the main topic. 


This is a style parties on both sides use to sway the crowd in their favor. They have nothing to do with the points of view or topics at hand. 
Lemme put this way. In order to be able to detect styles from solid arguments and reasons, let’s do this: 
Imagine your main point that you want to put across as a roof. 

Saying, “God doesn’t exist.” is just an opinion (point of view). It is a roof. This roof has to be held up by solid walls and a foundation for it to stand for reason

The walls are the solid reasons that can hold the roof up firmly.
The styles used are mainly distractions for the crowd to just watch the roof for a moment (without the walls).  

If  you fall for them and argue from that point, your roof will appear but with no walls too. However, the advantage will go to the one who set the style. The style distracted the crowd from looking at the style-user’s walls. However,  your wall-less roofs would be clearly seen. 

So the best way is to detect the style, and remove it by asking for the walls. This will open the eyes of the swayed crowd.
Trash talk is an example of a distracting style. 

Trash talks are styles that have rhetorical impact but fail to hold the concluding point being made.

An example: 

Point: Christianity is false.


: “The church is full of hypocrites.”
This is irrational. The walls don’t support the point. There are hypocrites everywhere. Many atheists are hypocrites too. The same goes for many Muslims, Buddhists etc.

Trash talks are attacks towards the individuals instead of the belief itself. 

The best answer to a trash talk is to say this: 

Okay. Let’s say I believe you. So

What follows after that? How does it support the point you’re trying to make?

What has that to do with Christianity? What has that got it do with the world view that Jesus had?

There will always be phonies. There will always be people who disobey or don’t follow the rules of the belief. 

The argument made says a lot about those religious people but says nothing about the belief itself. If you study the belief, you’ll find out that the belief is against the things you’re pointing out. 

Other forms of trash talks:

“Christians are dumb. Therefore Christianity or Christ is false.”

(Some Christians are dumb)

(Some atheists are dumb too)

“Christians use God as a crutch to satisfy an emotional need. Therefore God doesn’t exist or Christianity is false.”

(It doesn’t hold).

Many atheists satisfy an emotional need by rejecting the existence of God too. But you can’t use that against atheism either. It’s affects the people but never the belief.)

“Religious folks are dangerous. Therefore God doesn’t exist.”

(Some religious folks are dangerous.)

(Some atheists are dangerous too)

The 20th century was the most bloodiest century in history. This was caused by the world view that God doesn’t exist. I’ll tackle that later.

Many backed out or lost because of trash talks employed by the other party. I’m hoping that you’ve been able to see my point.

Keep the roof (concluding point) in mind and then study the walls (reasons) to see if they can support the roof. 

If it’s a trash talk:

– Agree with their challenge. 
– Use the magic word: SO?

(You can even point out to them how their challenge affects them too) 

– Then ask how the reason relates to the point.  

I hope you’re blessed by this. 



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