Apologetic Answers to Atheism 105: Is Science on the side of the Christian faith?


                      Uche Okorie 

Last session was fun. Reason sides with Theism – Christianity to be more direct. 
We found out it’s more reasonable to believe in God than in nothing. Belief in leprechauns is irrational, but belief in God is just like believing in atoms, electrons and protons. We follow the evidence of what we can see to prove the existence of what we cannot see. 

Every effect has to have a cause. For physical matter, the cause has to be from beyond it – God. 

Does Science side with Christianity (Theism) or Atheism ?

I’ll just show you a simple trick with two simple questions:
1. Can you weigh a cow with a metric tape measure?
Obviously not. Tape measure can’t weigh anything. They were designed to measure length not weight.

2. If the metric tape measure cannot measure the weight of a cow. Does it mean that the cow has no weight ?

Impossible. It simply shows that the wrong instrument is being used to measure weight.

Many of you are getting my point already. This is awesome. 

Limitations of Science

Many say science has been able to disprove God. It’s a false notion with no evidence. 
Actually, Science has never disproven the existence of God. Why?
Because science does not have the ability to disprove the existence of God. Science is not capable. 

Science is not capable of ruling out anything even in principle outside of the material/physical realm.

Science is really good at doing something i.e measuring material things.

Things like God, afterlife, Heaven, morality, spirit, soul, anointing etc. None of these things extend in space. They don’t conform to the laws of physics, chemistry etc. Because they are not physical/material things.

Therefore, like the tape measure, using material science to measure these things (non-material) will not yield good results. 

You cannot disprove non-physical stuff like God or souls just because a physical measuring tool couldn’t respond to it. You cannot say the cow is weightless just because a metric tape measure couldn’t measure its weight. 

Lemme give you a preview of what transpired in an article in Times Magazine several years ago. 
They wrote a cover article on the existence of the soul. With additional matter on the topic of consciousness. 
Consciousness is basically your awareness of yourself.

Materialists/ Atheists tried to reduce consciousness to something physical. To them: In the beginning was particles not God.

They struggled in the article and eventually gave up. They couldn’t fit consciousness into a physical box.
But here’s what they added to their findings: it was something like:

  “We don’t know what consciousness is. We haven’t been able to figure it out. But one thing that it’s not; there is no soul we know that!”

How do you know that?
The statement above is their concluding argument – their roof (like I taught you earlier).
Now let’s check out the walls.
They gave two reasons. Let’s see if it holds. (Quoting almost verbatim)
1. Scientists have been looking for the soul for a 100 years but have not been able to find it. 

(Silence. Cricket chirping) 

2. There is no conceivable space in the brain for the soul to fit. 

Wow! And they call Christians dumb? 
It’s like you telling me. 

“Uche. You’re lying. You said there’s an invisible man in my house. I checked the house; even looked under my bed, in my closet and the garage. I couldn’t see him anywhere.”

This doesn’t prove that invisible men exist (well….) but this shows…  that’s it’s  the wrong way to prove that invisible men exist.  

You can’t prove invisible men exist by looking for them. They are invisible!

If the soul exists; it’s not physical. This means it doesn’t need a space to fit. Also, it cannot be found using physical tools.
Therefore the argument missed the point entirely. It’s a SILLY LOGIC.

– You can use physical things to infer the existence of a spiritual or supernatural thing. 

Like the cause and effect thing or the Big Bang and Big Banger. That is reasonable. It’s philosophically thinking. But not scientifically thinking.
– Science can’t go that far. It has its limitations – physical things. 

You cannot put Science before the Big Bang because there was nothing then for science to measure. 
– There’s no problem with science on this matter. It’s just a natural limitation. Science can’t measure the supernatural. It’s that simple. 

– Thats why science has never been able to disprove the existence of God. They have only been able to assume. That’s how far Science can go.  

Here’s where I end folks on this science matter. There’s without doubt that science stands on the side of Theism (Christianity).
Hope you enjoyed it.
In our next and last session, we will check out if Morality stands on the side of Atheism or not. Excited, aren’t you? Stay Tuned. 



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