Apologetic Answers to Atheism 106:Who does Morality Stand with?  

Time to wrap it up folks. This may very well be our last session for this brief course.
Our topic for today:

Does Morality side with Atheism or Christianity (Theism)?

Many in the atheistic circles, in bringing up the matter of morality, hit us with the concept of evil.

How can a good and powerful God be around, and there’s so much evil in the world?

Well, for one, that question should not even be allowed to play. Because most atheists are moral relativists which disqualifies them to even raise up such a question.


Who are relativists?

They are people who don’t believe in objective morality. They believe that  everyone should be entitled to follow their own opinion of morality.

This may mean that  I can decide that fornication is morally good to me.

Mostly do this to clear their conscience on their usurped free license to engage in sexual promiscuity.

This is because removal of God in the matter means no judgement, no responsibility and no moral law. You do what you feel is preferable to you and you answer to no Higher Being.

I hope you’re getting my point here.

If such is the case, ask the question:

Q: “You don’t believe in God. You don’t believe in a moral law/objective morality. What then is evil?”
He/She may answer: “Well, evil is like murder, rape, armed robbery, Hitler etc.”

(What the person did there was tell you things He/She hates.)
Evil is Just another opinion

For anyone who doesn’t believe in a moral law giver, there should be nothing like evil. Evil shouldn’t exist for them. Evil ought to be another man’s opinion on what is right or wrong for them.

Someone may get up and say:

“Well, rape to me is morally right.”

As an atheist, who are you to snub on that?  That’s his opinion of what is morally right; just as yours may be sexual promiscuity.

So there’s no evil for a relativist. Just different opinions of doing right. Therefore, the existence of evil shouldn’t even make sense in an atheistic world.


Let’s say, you decide to let them off the hook and accept the question.

This is much easier. You will find out that evil rather proves the existence of God.

For there to be evil, there has to be a contrasting factor called good. If it’s not evil, it’s what? Good.

Now if there’s such a thing as good and evil. Then there has to be a standard or scoring System on which you inwardly weigh an activity to determine if it is good or evil. That standard or scoring system is a moral law or rule book – A law that has to be transcendent.

If there’s such a law, then there has to be a Law Giver. Which in our case, we call Him God. Unless you believe Rocks give out moral laws too.

The existence of evil is one of the most powerful arguments for God; not against God.

Religious Evil

Many then bring up religious evil to conclude that God doesn’t exist. Eg. Crusaders, 9/11 bombing, suicide bombs etc.

That is another form of a trash talk (we discussed that earlier).

They claim that more wars have been fought and more blood has been shed in the name of religion. This then proves religion to be the greatest source of evil.

That’s not true!

More blood has not been shed by religion.

The 20th century was the bloodiest century in History.
In the 20th century, conservatively over 100 million people died at the hands of three men – Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong. (Hitler is a small boy compared to these three.)

Under Stalin and Mao alone- over  125 million people gone.

These three were connected by the ideology under which God doesn’t exist. When people believe that there is no Moral Authority to enact judgement to evil deeds, what do you think they would do?

Is it possible for people to still be good? Yes. Many atheists are good.

But is it required of them?

Absolutely not. Because there’s no one to answer to. If they choose to do otherwise and have the power to do what they want… You get my point. That’s scary. Now that weapons of mass destruction have been upgraded on a whole new level.

That’s the difference between the Christian and Atheistic world views.


So is morality on the side of Atheists? Nope. It favors the theists (Christians). It’s only in Theism that the concept of evil can be addressed and in a long run dealt with.

There’s that hope that when all are filled with the Spirit and caused to perform the statutes of God, and sin is taken away from the world completely by the work of the Lamb, then will evil cease to exist.

I hope you enjoyed this series. 


                 Uche Okorie 


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