ECCLESIA CHRONICLES 103: Story of The Kingdom 

Understanding the kingdom is cardinal to being a member of the Ecclesia (Church). The Ecclesia is not a religious term; it is a kingdom term. Every assignment the Ecclesia is supposed to perform on the earth is always under the agenda of the kingdom. Today, I am going to briefly  touch on this particular topic. Follow me on this awesome ride.

What is the Kingdom?

A kingdom is a governing impact of a king’s will over a territory or domain; his influence over a people. It is a government led by a king.

The domain of God is His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God entails all that exists in the realms of the spirit and the physical. In the beginning, God created a domain – Heaven and Earth. These became His Kingdom.
Heaven and Earth refers to both planes of existence. The Word of God speaks of God creating the stars – the galaxies which make up the entire universe. God created all. 

Kingdom Lost and Found
However, when God made the physical plane, He created earth and put in His children (mankind). He set mankind over the earth and gave them rulership and dominion over it and all in it. Man was given the kingdom to rule the earth under God’s sovereignty. 

However, through disobedience, man lost the kingdom. Man lost Heaven’s full influence upon the earth through them – that authority that Heaven gave mankind to rule and have dominion over the earth. 
God began to give man hope of the restoration of this kingdom, beginning with His prophecy concerning the seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15). 
He formed archetypes of the kingdom using the nation of Israel and sent out messengers called Prophets, who announced the coming and restoration of this kingdom all through time.
While at that same point, the rest of mankind tried time and time again, to restore the kingdom back on the earth. Instead of ruling over the earth, they ruled over themselves. Without the Law of God to guide them (and the enemy working behind the scenes), they formed so many different kinds of kingdom. These were called the kingdoms of this world (Luke 4:5, Rev. 11:15). These were failed versions of the true kingdom mankind ever so sought after it was lost. We have these kinds of kingdoms in operation today. Democracy is one of them, though it’s one of the best mankind could come up with. It also has its flaws.

After a long while, the dream of the return of the true kingdom became more than just a possibility. The king came. He came as a man, the next Adam (of whom lost the kingdom before) to restore it to the earth. That man of prophecy was Jesus Christ. He came with one great message: 


“Repent (change your thinking) for the Kingdom from Heaven has finally arrived on the earth!!”          (Matthew 3:2)

Good News of the Kingdom

Jesus came preaching and teaching about the kingdom. It’s awesome principles, culture, constitution, glorious agenda for its colony – earth.
He also made it clear that His kingdom is not like any that man had made. His kingdom is not from this world but from the Headquarters in Heaven (John 18:33-37).
All who believed in Him became citizens of the kingdom of Heaven (Phil.3:20, Heb. 12:23). 
Not only citizens, He gave them great authority to become ambassadors from the kingdom of Heaven living on the colony of earth; if they so choose to carry out the ambassadorial mandate given them.
This powerful body of ambassadors are what the Ecclesia of Christ is all about. 

Before leaving to execute phase two of Kingdom’s agenda, He left this Ecclesia with mandates. The main one was to preach the gospel of the kingdom, influence the earth with Heaven’s culture and reconcile man with the Government of Heaven for full restoration to take place. Remember man lost the kingdom because of estrangement with the Government of Heaven (God).

This is what the Ecclesia of God ought to be doing. However, many have left this course and set up a religion that we all call Christianity today. This is mostly due to misplaced information handed down during certain epochal regions of history. The Ecclesia lost its name and called itself the church (religious meaning) and began to perform what a church ought to. 
However, that too will come to an end, given time. 
For all who have been informed rightly: pick up from where it’s been left off and let’s endeavor to fulfill this mandate given us by our government in Heaven. 

The kingdom will engulf the earth, as it was before and even better. It’s wonderful to be a part of this glorious destiny. The annals of Heaven will forever remember the part you played in pushing its agenda forward. Ambassadors of the kingdom arise!!!

Uche Okorie 


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