Listening to God 101: Tuning Ceremony

During this awesome time, we would be going through the series, “Listening To God.
The objective is to learn to tune ourselves to hear from God. 

God is Spirit. He has “no” human voice, because He is not human (duh!). Therefore, God’s voice is not English, French, Hebrew, Latin, and definitely not a native tongue. I don’t know if sign or programming languages count; but if they do, His voice is not any of those either.

God’s voice is Spirit. 

Jesus on the earth made that note, one time, of His true voice. 

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.”

John‬ ‭6:63‬‬ NKJV

His true words are spirit. When God speaks to you, He speaks to your spirit. Your spirit must be tuned to connect with Him on such a level to pick up the spiritual sound frequencies of His voice. When It does, it relays them to your soul in different forms. Your soul then relays them to the body as per the form it received. Through your soul and body are you able to discern the voice spoken to you. That’s how you hear God’s voice. 

Mind you, there are many voices out there, that will try to block His in you; not necessarily because they plan to do so. They are a lot and they all speak to you. These form what we call a spiritual noise.

They are made up of the voices of several spirits all around you. Unfortunately, your own soul adds to the list; your body too.

That is why, you need to occasionally take time off to fast. This humbles them and forces them to shut up for quite sometime even after the fast is over. 

You need to learn to familiarize yourself with God’s voice in order to detect His amidst the noise. 

That’s why this series is here. 

I am here to help you do so. For most of us, the Holy Spirit in us has been speaking for a long time, and we keep ignoring Him. Well, He is here to help too. You will find it much easier hearing Him when you follow this series closely. 
Catch you in the next episode for more. 

I am excited for this. What about you?!

Uche Okorie



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